Our Auditions

The Bronx Opera Company (BxO) begins our 52nd Season by announcing auditions for our 2018-2019 productions: Menotti’s THE CONSUL (performed between January 12th and January 19th) and Gilbert and Sullivan’s THE MIKADO (performed between April 27th and May 5th). Both productions will be fully staged, with costumes, orchestra, and chorus. No fees are charged, and a modest honorarium will be provided. THE CONSUL will be directed by Rod Gomez; THE MIKADO will be directed by Benjamin Spierman. The script will be infused with references to the current cultural and social realities of the United States.


Please note that we will be auditioning for BOTH productions in these audition sessions.


For your information, the broad-strokes production schedule is as follows; some dates may change slightly:



·         Music rehearsals: mid-to-late October thru Thanksgiving.

·         Staging rehearsals: Post-Thanksgiving thru January 1 (with a short break for the holidays).

·         Sitzprobes, full run-thrus, tech: January 2 – 11.

·         Performances: January 12, 13, 17 (abridged student matinee, performed by covers when available), 18, 19.



·         Music rehearsals: late January, late February, and March.

·         Staging rehearsals: March 25 –April 14.

·         Sitzprobes, full run-thrus, tech: April 15 – 26.

·         Performances: April 27, April 28, May 3 (abridged student matinee, performed by covers when available),

          May 4, May 5.


All rehearsals take place on weekday evenings and weekends, primarily in northwest Bronx locations. Rehearsals will be scheduled after cast conflicts are known. All performances take place at the Lovinger Theatre at Lehman College, in the Bronx.


Auditions will be held on Friday evenings — September 14 & 21 — and Saturday afternoons — September 15 & 22 — at Yeoryia Studios. An accompanist will be provided. All roles are open. Please note again that we will be auditioning for BOTH productions in these audition sessions.


Please email your materials (resume, headshot, and a recording or a link to one) to us at BronxOperaAuditions@gmail.com. In your email, list three one-hour ranges in which you’re available to audition (e.g. “8pm to 9pm on the 21st.”) In addition, please let us know the role(s) and production(s) in which you are interested. Once we’ve received and vetted your materials, we’ll be in touch via email to set up appointments and discuss audition repertoire. For the initial audition, please be prepared to sing in English; you may sing from THE CONSUL and/or THE MIKADO, or you may sing something else in a similar style. If you are invited to sing a callback, you will be asked to sing from THE CONSUL and/or THE MIKADO. It is desirable for you to be off-book, but it is not mandatory.


We hope that you will pass this information along to others, even if the roles listed below do not fit you or if you are unable to be part of these productions. In addition, if you or anyone you know is interested in auditioning for the Bronx Opera Chorus (for THE MIKADO), please email BxO’s Chorus Master, Michael C. Haigler, at bronxoperachorus@gmail.com. Please note that members of the chorus will have the opportunity to cover roles, where appropriate.


Once again, please note that we will be auditioning for BOTH productions in these audition sessions.

Thank you for your interest in Bronx Opera! We look forward to receiving your materials.

Team BxO



THE CONSUL: Magda Sorel (soprano); The Secretary (mezzo-soprano); The Mother (contralto); John Sorel (baritone); The Secret Police Agent (bass-baritone); Nika Magadoff, The Magician (tenor); Mr. Kofner (bass-baritone); The Foreign Woman (soprano); Anna Gomez (soprano); Vera Borenel (mezzo-soprano); Assan (baritone).

THE MIKADO: Yum-Yum (soprano); Pitti-Sing (mezzo-soprano); Katisha (contralto); Nanki-Poo (tenor); Ko-Ko (baritone); Pooh-Bah (bass-baritone); The Mikado (bass-baritone); Peep-Bo (soprano); Pish-Tush (baritone)

 Some roles will be double-cast; others will not.